“How do I join?”

Easy, it’s only $20 a semester, come see how we are for a few practices. If you like it, join for a cheap cost and you will be an official member!

“Do I need to have equipment?”

No, we have loan racquets on a first come first serve, also HPER and TRECS loan some out (not great quality). If you love this sport, we suggest buying a racquet online, we can help you look! Also we recommend shoes not high off the ground (basketball shoes, big cushioned running shoes, etc)

“I’m a beginner, can I still play?”

Yes, we offer recreational and competive play and have so many people ranging from beginners – advanced. You won’t be the only one! We encourage new people to come out and try it, we offer tips and teach anything you want to know

“How does a practice go?”

Usually we jump on our 4 courts and warm up and we play doubles with each other. We rotate in and out so everyone gets a turn to play. You can choose to play with other people your level or mingle with other people!


UT Badminton Members 2011-2012