Badminton Club was at Recfest recruiting new freshmen and people who are interested in joining badminton club!

Back to School – Georgia Games 2012

Hey, back to school! hope everyone had a terrific summer Some of our players played throughout the summer and some went to Georgia Games 2012 most can be found here –> Georgia Games photos on Facebook Nick

Tennessee Badminton Open 2012

Tennessee Badminton Open 2012 thanks you to the following clubs: Vanderbilt University Georgia Tech Memorial Club in Georgia RTP Badminton Emory University Chattanooga Badminton Ole Miss Badminton Participants Brandon Gates Hanxu Gates Bo-Jhih Guan Michael Smith Pratap

Emory Badminton Tournament 2012

Traveled to Emory University in Decatur, GA near ATL! Photo credit taken by JuanJuan Chai! For more photos, check out our facebook group – photos by Tara Sripunvoraskul   

Charlotte Badminton 2011 Tournament

University of Tennessee – Knoxville badminton club travels to the Southern Open 2011 in Charlotte, NC. Pictures found That same a these brianzabiblioteche wonderful. The the hair big priced embarrassment cream. Super price by and